Yogita Yoga Adelaide teaches Hatha, Yin and flowing Vinyasa Yoga classes, that bring about a sense of well-being to individuals and connecting our community.

Enchanted ~ Focused ~ Connected

Adelaide Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga

Experience peaceful calmness through soothing postures and meditative rest

All levels ~ 75 min

Kick-Start Yoga

A down-to-earth way to kick-start your yoga practice - joyful and enlightening

Level 1 ~ 60 min

Yin Yoga

A deep and slow practice that releases tension in the connective tissues

Level 1 ~ 60 min

Yin Yoga – 2

Add more depth and re-balance by committing to more progressive postures

Level 2 ~ 75 min

Functional Yoga Balance

Build strength, re-energise and tone your body and mind without stress or strain

Level 1-2 ~ 75 min

Intro to Vinyasa

Establishes the base for Vinyasa Yoga flow by setting the right foundations

Level 1-2 ~ 75 min

Vinyasa Yoga

Invigorating, challenging and inspiring by improving strength and flexibility

Level 3 ~ 90 min

Student Testimonials

I appreciate the variety of classes she (Yogita Yoga) offers, and the modifications she (Evelyn) offers to postures, which allows me to take it easy or try something new. Courtney

Class Pack Pricing

Casual Class
per class
concession $17
5 Class Pack
5 classes - 10 week expiry
concession $75
10 Class Pack
10 classes - 6 week expiry
concession $135
20 Class Pack
20 classes - 5 week expiry
no concessions
10 Class Pack
10 classes - 12 month expiry
no concessions