Meditation and Pranayama workshop

Sat. SEPT 12th, 3-4:30pm Meditation and Pranayama (breath control) are integral corner stones of the yoga practice of 8 limbs.  While most of us find it relatively easy to make time for our asana (postures) practice, learning how to meditate without the interruptions of our busy mind requires another level of practice.  In this workshop, […]

Change of Scenery

A change of scenery and routine can be refreshingly positive for body and mind: Having recently returned from Germany where I visited my Mom and sister for two weeks, I had time to reconnect with my heritage and family and also found time to just ‘smell the roses’ so to speak – literally, as our garden […]

Yoga as Therapy – A Personal Story

Yoga can enhance your physical and emotional well-being, but Yoga can also be practiced with therapeutic intentions as a way of healing both the body and the mind. Personally, yoga has helped me in various ‘crisis’ situations in my life, many of them related to injuries or pain and the related depressed moods. Breaking my […]

Mind over Matter

It is quite amazing how powerful our attitude and belief can influence the success or failure of a yoga posture (or anything in life, for that matter).  I hear a lot of times (particularly when it comes to arm balances, like headstand or crow posture) that he or she is “not strong” enough.  While this […]

Complementing Sports Training with Yoga

  Sports Training can be complemented with a regular Yoga practice to increase your performance in other sports, through better flexibility, enhanced concentration and motivation or improved core strength.  While yoga asana in itself is a complete form of physical practice, there are many ways how performance in other sports can benefit from a regular […]