Essence of our Yoga Practice

Yogita Yoga teaches Hatha yoga that focuses and aligns mind and body, striving to bring a sense of well-being to individuals and cultivating a communal approach to living the yogic path.

Our vision is to create a community in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide that does not only come together for yoga practice but one which builds a connection that is retained outside of our Shala (Sanskrit for “house”).  As such, the energy and knowledge that is created can be shared and expanded – to ultimately benefit ourselves and all people that come into our lives.

The term ‘Yoga’ has come to have many perceptions.  For us at Yogita Yoga, the essence of yoga is to strive for the integration and ultimately union of the physical, spiritual and mental qualities in each of us.  In our classes we aim to bring the essence of yoga to every one of our students by instilling a sense of purpose and focus – whether it be through the practice of yoga postures (asana) or the other 8 Limbs of Yoga.

‘Yogita’ means one who is connected, who can focus and concentrate.  Yogita in the literal sense reflects the qualities of a focused mind and a centered body, and the ability to connect with oneself and others, thereby creating a community that enchants and inspires each other.  Yogita Yoga in a broader context embodies our belief that well-being, health and healing is available within each of us.  Our hope is to foster an unrestricted flow of energies firstly through our bodies and eventually through our mind and spirit, bringing greater harmony, peace and happiness to our lives.

The essence of our practice is based on the tradition of Hatha Yoga with a strong influence of Krishnamacharya’s teaching.  Inspirations through Sukhashanti Yoga, developed by Noah Mckenna, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (as taught by Patthabi Jois) and Iyengar Yoga have given us the opportunity to develop appropriate classes for a variety of student’s needs, requirements and aspirations.

Krishnamacharya taught that our yoga practice should be tailored to the individual student as no one is alike in physiology or psychology.  We believe in honouring the differences in each student and providing centred attention to the individual nuances of every student’s practice.  All our sequences honour the tradition of the great sage Patanjali, who emphasized that yoga posture should incorporate ‘Shtira’ and ‘Sukha’ – firmness and strength coupled with a sense of ease and calmness.