2 Weeks ~ SPECIAL Introductory Offer
Unlimited Classes for 2 weeks! PLUS one free virtual class recording!
Unlimited Yoga Classes for first 14 days

new to yoga? This is a great way to get to know our teachers and classes!

come as often as you can and feel the joy of yoga 🙂

only $5.83 a class, when you practice 3x a week

High quality yoga mats and props for sale at the studio!

Flexible Yogita Membership
Unlimited Yoga
per week ~ paid via direct debit 4 weekly

our most popular Membership option

No lock-in contract, just 30 days notice to cancel anytime!

includes Yogita Yoga Club Membership discounts, plus 2 free virtual class recordings per month

only $11 per class, when you practice 3x a week

1 Month Unlimited
Unlimited Yoga
concession $190

only $16.15 per class, when you practice 3x a week! plus free virtual classes

3 Month Membership
Unlimited Yoga
concession $430

only $12.57 per class, when you practice 3x a week

Includes Virtual Classes

Casual Class
per class
concession $21
5 Class Pack
10 weeks expiry
concession $95

$22 per class

10 Class Pack
10 weeks expiry
concession $170

$20 per class

Vritual Casual Class
per class
concession $13
Virtual 10 Class Pack
12 weeks expiry
concession $110

$11 per class

1 Month Unlimited Virtual Classes
Unlimited Virtual Yoga
concession $115

only $9.61per class if you practise 3x per week

Concession Pricing can be purchase at the studio. Please see the teacher before class and show your appropriate Concession Id (Full-time Student Card, Pensioner, Unemployed) and we will happily get you registered.

The Direct Debit Payment option from your Bank Account is available at the Studio? Please Click Here for instructions.

Contract and Membership general Terms & Conditions
* Contracts and Memberships may be suspended for a:
- minimum of 7 days, maximum of 4 weeks
- once within a 12 month period. Additional suspensions cost $25 each
- due to pregnancy, can be suspended for a maximum of one year
- 7 days written notice is required prior to your requested suspension date
- there are no backdated or historical suspensions allowed
- to request a suspension please email: [email protected]
* NO REFUNDS on contracts, memberships or unlimited class packs.
* Any and all arrears payments are the responsibility of the client and must be paid in full.
* Please note that for credit card payments, 'EziDebit ….' will appear on your credit card or bank statement as the payment reference.
* Declined or dishonoured payments will incur a one-time fee of $11.90 charged 7 days after the failed transaction.
* Every effort is made to deliver classes as set out in the timetable, however class and workshops times may be subject to change or cancellation without notice.
* Ongoing pricing and membership offers are reviewed from time to time, these updates may be applied to your membership after your specified minimum contract period. You will be notified via email in advance.
* Please note that days when the studio is not open, in other words, public holidays including Christmas/New Year Holiday period is factored into the reduced price rate you pay.
Please Note: specific Terms and Conditions may be applicable to different Contracts, Memberships or Class Packs; please ensure you review the specific T&C's before purchasing.