Restorative Sound Healing

A restorative sound healing session is a combination of restorative yoga setups and a crystal bowl sound journey. Both modalities, restorative yoga as well as sound healing, aim to reset the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic side of our nervous system, inducing lower brain wave activity to bring body mind and soul into a state of deep rest, reset, release and transformation.

It is very common in our busy everyday life, to merely function from the sympathetic side of our nervous system. We are constantly on the go, working, fulfilling deadlines, looking after family and most of us also have an active social life. Every day, we are exposed to numerous stimuli through social and other media, trying to keep up with the Joneses. In other words, our nervous system is constantly on the go, rarely experiencing true rest. Add to that, most of us have experienced some kind of minor or major trauma in our life, of which the effect, memories and energetic residues still vibrate in our body, which also ads to the nervous system being highly stimulated and on alert.

As a collective, we need to learn to come back into our bodies, to feel comfortable and safe in our bodies, and to simply just BE. For this to happen, we need to release the above mentioned effects from our physical as well as energetic body, and we need to allow ourselves to come back to a state of BEING as well as relaxation.

What you can expect in a Restorative Sound Healing Session

During a Restorative Sound Healing session, Marion will set you up in various restorative yoga setups. She will use props, such as bolsters, blankets and blocks to support your body completely, so there is absolutely no need to engage your body or hold your body actively in those yoga positions. The props and support help your body to feel safe, relax and let go. Marion will safely guide you through gentle breathing techniques and guided visualisations as well as apply gentle hands on adjustments, so that you will be taken into a deep state of relaxation in which your body, nervous system and mind can reset. This deeply relaxing and transformative modality alone promotes release on many levels. The practise of Restorative Yoga has been known to improve sleep, bring relief from anxiety and depression, reduce stress levels and so much more. The added element of sound, vibration and frequencies by means of the crystal bowls, which move deeply into your body and cell tissue, brings an even deeper dimension to the whole process of release and transformation. In essence, we are sound and frequency, and each of us vibrates at a certain frequency. The high frequencies of the singing bowls help to bring the body systems and mind back into balance and release deeply held energetic residues that keep us at a lower vibration.

Experience the Bliss of Sound and Silence

Couples and Small Group Sessions Available