Akash Purification with Restorative Sound

A restorative sound healing session is a combination of restorative yoga setups and a crystal bowl sound journey. Both modalities, restorative yoga as well as sound healing, aim to reset the nervous system by activating the parasympathetic side of our nervous system, inducing lower brain wave activity to bring body mind and soul into a state of deep rest, reset, release and transformation.

It is very common in our busy everyday life, to merely function from the sympathetic side of our nervous system. We are constantly on the go, working, fulfilling deadlines, looking after family and most of us also have an active social life. Every day, we are exposed to numerous stimuli through social and other media, trying to keep up with the Joneses. In other words, our nervous system is constantly on the go, rarely experiencing true rest. Add to that, most of us have experienced some kind of minor or major trauma in our life, of which the effect, memories and energetic residues still vibrate in our body, which also ads to the nervous system being highly stimulated and on alert.

As a collective, we need to learn to come back into our bodies, to feel comfortable and safe in our bodies, and to simply just BE. For this to happen, we need to release the above mentioned effects from our physical as well as energetic body, and we need to allow ourselves to come back to a state of BEING as well as relaxation.

What you can expect in a Restorative Sound & Akash Purification


Each of us holds their own space. In Sanskrit the word for space is Akash or Akasha. Our own personal space is a combination of our physical body, our mind, our emotions and our energy body. Even our physcial body holds energetic space. If we had a microscope that allowed us to look into the deepest part of our body, our cell tissue, we would eventually move into and be in empty space, or rather a space that holds pure consciousness. Throughout our life, we accumulate in that space, just like we may accumulate stuff in a house, in our space we accumulate memories, energetic residues from experiences, which we may label good or bad, we are conditioned into certain belief system and we learn certain habits, all of which essentially make up our human personality. Our beliefs, conditioning and patterns influence us subconsciously in decisions, in the way we respond to certain situations, how we feel and interact. Some of those patterns are beneficial for us but we all certainly also have patterns and subconscious behaviours that drive us, which do not serve us, and yet we repeat them again and again and stay stuck in certain loops.
In Yoga, we call those habits and conditionings Samskaras and we hold them in our Nadis, the energy channels that we hold in our energy body, our space, our Akash. We also hold imprints from past lifes that also drive us subconsciously and therefore have an influence on our current life situations if we haven't looked at them and transformed and learned from lessons what needed to be learned.
During a session, an Akash purification and Energy Clearing Session, I work with several modalities on subtle levels in your Akash to assist you to release and transform whatever you hold that doesn't serve you. For this, I first set you up in a comfortable Restorative Yoga setup. This part of the session is very important, as the props and setup assist the client and their body to feel safe and supported and to relax. When the body feels safe and supported, it lets go and opens up its more subtle space to me. I work on those more subtle energy levels, and identify (am shown) patterns that the client and their Akash are ready to release and transform. Through gentle, non-invasive hands on adjustments I work energetically on your Akash, using Source Codes (Light Codes), which I created myself, that assist in the process. I have also created Aura Purification Sprays with these Source Codes that I also include in the session. Those Codes are basically a language, information and coding, that speak into your Akash and transform in your more subtle energy body whatever you hold and doesn't serve. It is kind of like rewiring, rewriting or recoding your story from non-helpful states and beliefs into a joyful and supportive story. Finally, I use the element of sound with Crystal Singing Bowls. Their pure sounds and vibrations add another level to the session. The sound travels through your body and energy space, balancing, harmonising and anchoring whatever has been worked on.

Experience the Bliss of Sound and Silence

Couples and Small Group Sessions Available