Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya (the ‘father of modern yoga’), who emphasized that the practice you teach must take into account the individual person and their background.  None of us are alike and as such yoga practice needs to be carried out by honouring the differences, abilities and limitations of each student. As such, our aim is not to teach a particular way to do yoga postures ('asana') but to encourage each student to investigate how to mindfully move into and out of each asana and to remain there with a quiet curiosity of what may arise.

Please bring your own mat and a towel.

You can also purchase mats from us at the studio.

As of July, we are also offering a range of our classes as Virtual Classes via Zoom. Please look for  Life Stream available in our class descriptions to find out which classes can be attended virtually as well as the Life Stream Symbol in the schedule when booking your virtual class. Once you have booked your class, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique Zoom link for your class. If you cannot attend the virtual class life, you are welcome to register for the class nonetheless and receive the class recording instead.

Guided Effortless Meditation Classes