Move, Meditate, Contemplate – Meditation in Action

Most of us tend to be “either – or” kinds of people when it comes to choosing the activities we do in our spare time: We either exercise or we rest or get a massage or go to the movies, but we rarely combine these activities in a meaningful way.

While all Yogita Yoga classes involve a meditative element in conjunction with yoga asana and breath control, we will now be offering once a month a class that will delve deeper into and unite meditative practices such as pranayama (breath control) and meditation with Yoga asana. In addition, at the end, I will present a bit of yoga philosophy to give it all some perspective.

Interestingly, a Rutgers University study published in Translational Psychiatry found that by engaging in a physical practice closely followed by meditation, was able to decrease symptoms of depression by 40% and made the participants of the study less susceptible to feeling overwhelmed or anxious and also showed greater synchronization of brain activity and a better ability to focus – and even healthy individuals with no history of depression reported a greater sense of wellbeing. As the old saying goes “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, while yoga asana and meditation individually are beneficial, practicing the two in close conjunction multiplies their effects!

We look forward to sharing these yoga practices with you, so that you too can enjoy these benefits as much as we do. Please join me monthly on Saturdays at 3:30pm for “Move, Meditate, Contemplate”.

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