How to overcome difficulty, break unhelpful habits and establish new routines

With our upcoming Manifestation workshop, I thought I share a few of my personal stories with you that have been initiated by exactly such “Manifestation” Days or Periods. I always find that when I can get a glimpse of other people’s lives and how they managed through difficult periods, how they dealt with trauma or […]

Prenatal Yoga Workshop with Ulyana

SAT September 24, 3-5pm: Enhance your health during pregnancy with yoga. This workshop will teach you the classical postures for first, second and third trimester and most importantly how to practice yoga safely during all trimesters. Learn to tune into your body and your baby’s needs during any yoga class. This workshop is best suited […]

Moving Into Spring with Ayurveda

SAT September 10, 3:30-5pm: Many of you will have enjoyed Merrie’s previous Ayurvedic Workshops and we are blessed to announce that she again will be dedicating her time to teach us how to use Ayurveda to move from Winter to Spring with a detoxified body and a clear mind.