Moving Into Spring with Ayurveda

AyurvedaSAT September 10, 3:30-5pm:  Many of you will have enjoyed Merrie’s previous Ayurvedic Workshops and we are blessed to announce that she again will be dedicating her time to teach us how to use Ayurveda to move from Winter to Spring with a detoxified body and a clear mind.
The change in seasons, particularly the change from Winter to Spring are a great time for detoxing. During Winter the predominant elements building in the body and mind are Water and Earth, increasing ‘Kapha’. As it starts to warm up, the Kapha that has accumulated in the colder months begins to liquefy and move, so we are more susceptible to colds and hay fever at this time. In addition, we often have stored toxins due to the tendency to eat heavier foods and sweets and exercise less and this can over-tax digestion (‘Agni’) and lead to the accumulation of undigested food wastes or toxins (‘Ama’). Because seasons are a time of change, they will also activate ‘Vata’ (air & ether), responsible for movement, communication and circulation, and also associated with our nervous system. When Vata is increased it instantly affects our digestion, which becomes like a fire blowing in the wind – creating variable digestion, so it’s a good time for an Ayurvedic Detox.

Investment: $30 (includes refreshments and handouts) – Book here

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