Prenatal Yoga Workshop with Ulyana

SAT September 24, 3-5pm: Enhance your health during pregnancy with yoga. This workshop will teach you the classical postures for first, second and third trimester and most importantly how to practice yoga safely during all trimesters. Learn to tune into your body and your baby’s needs during any yoga class. This workshop is best suited […]

Moving Into Spring with Ayurveda

SAT September 10, 3:30-5pm: Many of you will have enjoyed Merrie’s previous Ayurvedic Workshops and we are blessed to announce that she again will be dedicating her time to teach us how to use Ayurveda to move from Winter to Spring with a detoxified body and a clear mind.

Theory and Practice of Yin Yoga

SAT August 20, 3-5pm:  This workshop will delve into the philosophy and theory behind Yin Yoga: We will explain what the Yin Yoga approach of deep and long-held stretches does for your connective tissues as well as for your energy levels. We will then explore a sequence of Yin postures that is being taught in […]

Yoga Therapy for Hips, Spine and Feet

SAT August 6, 3:30-5pm:  Do you want to do backbends without fear and even joy? Do you want to be able to bend forward and come up with no discomfort and with a more complete bend from the hips? In this workshop we will give you a new approach how to forward-, back-bend, side-bend and […]

Yoga Therapy for Arms, Neck and Shoulders

SAT July 23, 3:30-5pm:  Do you want to turn your head with ease in standing postures, extend your arms gracefully through the full shoulder rotation and do you want to learn how therapeutic and non-invasive it can be to do an inversion (headstand)? Or do you just want to gain help and assistance on how […]

Meditation Workshop: The Power of Sound

SAT May 28, 3-4:30pm In this mediation workshop, we place our emphasis on the healing effect of sound and chanting. As with all Meditation workshops, we begin with gentle stretching and breathing work and continue with quiet mindfulness mediation. In all of our workshops, we review the challenges of calming and stilling the mind. So […]

Vision Board Workshop

SAT April 16, 3-5pm The power of visualisation through a Vision Board makes it easier for us to affirm our commitments to change and to remind ourselves that our dreams can manifest if we align our energies. However, starting a Vision Board can be a daunting process and many students ask “Where do I start?” […]

Movie and Philosophy Night

Sat. AUG. 22nd, 5-7:00pm Yes, it’s finally back:  Our much-loved community event where we share a movie, followed by chai, cookies and chats.  All donations for this event will go to charity. Please click here to book in, so that we can cater for all of you :-). And if you are very curious what […]