Vision Board Workshop

visionboardSAT April 16, 3-5pm

The power of visualisation through a Vision Board makes it easier for us to affirm our commitments to change and to remind ourselves that our dreams can manifest if we align our energies. However, starting a Vision Board can be a daunting process and many students ask “Where do I start?” Or even simpler “I don’t know what I want!” – at this point, the vision board project is often chucked into the “too hard” basket. This workshop will give you the confidence, tools and creative vision to manifest whatever it is that you want to attract into your life. We will start the workshop with some centering asana and meditation and Evelyn will introduce the concept, tools and give tips on how to start. There will be inspirational books, Angel cards, Malas and “Mindful” stones for you to get into “the Zone” as well as the opportunity to buy Malas at a workshop-reduced price.
Please bring:
– a cork board (any size, but 400x650mm works well)
– scissors
– paper (white or colours)
– coloured pens
– pins
– cut-out images or photos from magazines or newspapers that represent your wishes or dreams (start collecting now!)
And finally: Vision boards are intensely private – there is no need to share any of what you are doing with others (you can of course if you want!) – it is all about you and your creative process!
Investment: $30 (includes refreshment and chai)

When: SAT April 16, 3-5pm
Spaces are limited and these workshops have booked out in the past, so please click here to register.

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