Guided Self Practice Workshop

Adelaide, take the next steps in your yoga practice! Saturday, September 6th, 2-4:30pm Those who participated in our “40-Day Yoga Immersion” will recount the profound changes that a Guided Self Practice can bring to your asana, mediation and pranayama practice.  Those of you new to the concept of a Guided Self Practice:  A 2-hour time […]

Women’s Yoga Goddess Gathering

Saturday, 17th May, 2014. 3:00-5pm Ladies come and join us for this special Saturday afternoon of sharing asana, meditation, chanting and women’s stories.  Together we can learn about Goddess archetypes and how they can help us understand ourselves, our habits and paradigms a bit better. Cost $20  Places are limited.   to reserve your spot.

Therapeutic Sound Bath

22/03/2014  3:30-5:30pm Let your mind and body unwind and come into harmony with the vibration and sounds of Crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, Gong, Cosmic Tones, and gentle percussion… Relax, release and renew your being, held in this loving space.  The Sound Bath will be held by the amazing Michelle Byrne; a musician, performer, songwriter, singer […]

Yoga Asana Intensive

08/03/2014  3:30-5pm This Asana Intensive follows on from and builds on the Yoga Anatomy workshop.  In this Intensive, we will put into action what we have learned in the Anatomy workshop: Using the theoretical knowledge of the function of muscles in postures, we will develop our own personal perspective on how our body moves and […]

Yoga Anatomy Workshop

01/03/2014  3:30-5pm The anatomical and functional details behind Asana (postures: the 3rd limb of yoga) is covered in this workshop.  We will be using interactive software to illustrate the function of the muscles in key yogic postures, we learn how to deepen postures and how to modify postures for injuries or stiffness. Cost: $30 each (or […]

40 Day Yoga Immersion

Im-mer-sion: “complete involvement in a mental or physical activity or interest” Instead of yet another new year’s resolution that gets made and broken, Yogita Yoga wants to offer you something different: A chance for an immersion in a holistic (8 limbs) yoga practice that will provide you with the foundations to challenge deeply ingrained patterns […]