40 Day Yoga Immersion

Im-mer-sion: “complete involvement in a mental or physical activity or interest”

Instead of yet another new year’s resolution that gets made and broken, Yogita Yoga wants to offer you something different: A chance for an immersion in a holistic (8 limbs) yoga practice that will provide you with the foundations to challenge deeply ingrained patterns and an inspiration to seek and look that little bit deeper and learn more about yourself and yoga.  Join us for 40 days on a yogic journey that may provide the catalyst for you to make lasting changes.
Why 40 days?  Many ancient texts refer to 40 days as a necessary period for lasting change and enduring transformation to occur.
What it contains?

  • Unlimited classes for the 40-day period: to deepen your practice
  • 4 special workshops (see above) to consolidate and practice your understanding of the 8 limbs: Meditation and Pranayama, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Asana Intensive and a Shanti Sound Therapeutic Sound Bath.
  • 2 new early morning class times for the development of your own Guided Self-Practice: students practice a set sequence in their own time and abilities and teachers will individually guide and adjust/modify postures; we will start teaching elements of the sequence in Core and Vinyasa classes 2 weeks prior to the start of the 40 Day Immersion (Sequence handouts will be made available)
  • a free Yogita Yoga tank top
  • a movie/philosophy night that will cover specifics on how to approach the 40 Day Yoga Immersion.

When does it start? The 40-Day Yoga Immersion runs from February 15th to the 26th of March
Who can join? Everybody who is committed to dedicate 40 days (and hopefully beyond) to yoga and to make lasting changes in their lives.
How much? You can pre-purchase everything as a package for $285 (total value >$350); workshops can also be attended separately


Key dates and times: 40 Day Immersion
* Movie and Philosophy Night:
Start of 40 Day Yoga Immersion – SAT 15/02     5-7:30pm
* Meditation and Pranayama Workshop – SAT 22/02     3:30-5pm
* Yoga Anatomy (Theory) – SAT 01/03     3:30-5pm
* Yoga Asana Intensive
(follow-on practical from Yoga Anatomy)- SAT 08/03     3:30-5pm
* Yogita Yoga 1 Year Anniversary Party! – SAT 15/03     5:30-7:30pm
* Therapeutic Soundbath:
The healing power of sound vibrations – SAT 22/03     3:30-5:30pm
* Guided Self-Practice – WED 19/02 to 26/03     6:30-8:30am
* Guided Self-Practice – FRI 21/02 to 21/03     6:30-8:30am
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