Personal Introspection

I was never one to practice fast but I loved the constant flow of my practice – from one posture to the next one breath at a time, being absorbed in the moment and feeling unrestricted and – most of the time – at ease. This all changed when my shoulder (or my whole body?) […]

Yoga Healing

It always amazes me how the universe can work in strange, mysterious and wonderful ways. And the deeper we delve into our yoga practice, the more we become aware of the synchronicities (or synchro-destinies) in our environment – through little signs like seemingly random conversation, articles, books or dreams. I always had a fascination of […]

Uniquely Yogita: Evelyn’s Malas

Each of Yogita Yoga Malas is hand-made by Evelyn and the associated gem stones have individual qualities and energies – each Mala is uniquely different! As beautiful complement to your Yoga and Meditation practice, Malas encourage you to pause, breathe and realign with your intentions. They motivate you to trust and believe and not lose […]

Yogita Chai Masala Organic 200g

Yogita Chai Masala Organic 200g   $25.95 Yogita Chai Masala Organic uses 100% Certified Organic Spices & Tea. A special blend of organic Masala Spices and Ceylon Black Tea for your next Chai Latte expressing deep, rich and delicious traditional Indian style Masala Chai flavours which invigorate the body & soul! For over 20 years we […]

Movie and Philosophy Night

Sat. AUG. 22nd, 5-7:00pm Yes, it’s finally back:  Our much-loved community event where we share a movie, followed by chai, cookies and chats.  All donations for this event will go to charity. Please click here to book in, so that we can cater for all of you :-). And if you are very curious what […]

Meditation and Pranayama workshop

Sat. SEPT 12th, 3-4:30pm Meditation and Pranayama (breath control) are integral corner stones of the yoga practice of 8 limbs.  While most of us find it relatively easy to make time for our asana (postures) practice, learning how to meditate without the interruptions of our busy mind requires another level of practice.  In this workshop, […]

Why rituals help us

Recently, I read an interesting quote: “People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does washing – that’s why we do it every day!” Isn’t it interesting that we wouldn’t think of skipping our daily shower or brushing of teeth?  But when it comes to things like practicing meditation and mindfulness or getting on our […]