Yoga Healing

December 2015 (2)It always amazes me how the universe can work in strange, mysterious and wonderful ways. And the deeper we delve into our yoga practice, the more we become aware of the synchronicities (or synchro-destinies) in our environment – through little signs like seemingly random conversation, articles, books or dreams.
I always had a fascination of the power of the mind – and how our practices, like yoga and meditation can help us to live up to our potential, realise our dreams and loose our fears. Recently, I was taken a step further on this road as Andrew pointed me to an interview with Dr. Mitch Gaynor, an oncologist who became a strong supporter of alternative medical approaches, including meditation.
Not only did he go into the detailed science of epigenetics (how external factors can be affecting gene expression) but that the single most important factor to a happy, healthy holistic life is, regardless of your genetic make-up or historic trauma, ‘peace of mind’.  He further noted that today’s increase in depression, despite their variety of causes, is more effectively addressed with meditation than medication. In essence, if we are stuck in trying to find a cure (for something potentially incurable), we limit ourselves to a pure physical level. But, in his words, there is no “mind-body-connection”, there is only “mind-body-unity” and as such, if we can approach dis-ease with ‘healing’ rather than ‘curing’, we are able to restore a sense of wholeness.
By coming to yoga, no matter how often, you are doing something holistic and healing for yourself – thank you for being part of Yogita 🙂

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