Uniquely Yogita: Evelyn’s Malas

Each of Yogita Yoga Malas is hand-made by Evelyn and the associated gem stones have individual qualities and energies – each Mala is uniquely different!

As beautiful complement to your Yoga and Meditation practice, Malas encourage you to pause, breathe and realign with your intentions. They motivate you to trust and believe and not lose sight of your dreams. They are your spiritual forget-me-not’s and the more you use and wear them, the more they will resonate with your vibrations and those of the universe. Choosing your Mala by introspection is the best way to go. If there is something that resonates with you when you look and touch the Mala and read its description, then that’s yours. This is why each Mala is unique as an individual expression of someone’s spirit. Each Mala comes with a description of its gemstones and beads and the qualities it embodies.

Alternatively, you can have your own personal Mala made by Evelyn and she will consider the right gemstones, beads and colour configurations that are unique to YOU!  Contact us to discuss your personal Mala necklace, bracelet or earrings 🙂

Below is a selection of our current Malas – let yourself be mesmerised by the power of your Mala!

Click on the Mala image for a more detailed description and prices.

Amazing Wave Mala

Amazing Wave Mala

Infinity Mala

Infinity Mala

Little Moon mala

Little Moon Mala

Firestone Mala

Firestone Mala

Water Earth Sky Mala

Water, Earth and Sky Mala

Chakra mala

Chakra Mala

Beautiful flower mala

Beautiful Flower Mala

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