Opening the Door Inward Through Creative Expression

Come and join us for this special workshop: “Opening the Door Inward Through Creative Expression” March 21th, 2:30-5pm Exploration of our inner world is an on-ongoing journey to understand, trust and love ourselves.  There are many roads that can assist us in guiding us to live our lives in a more connected way.  By spontaneously […]

Movie and Philosophy Night

Saturday, 21 Feb 2015, 5 to 7:30pm Adelaide, come & join us for another Yogita Yoga Community Event: We will be using our yoga movie as a catalyst to explore and discuss yogic philosophy & yoga in daily life, followed by chats, tea and cookies. As always, there will be refreshments. Please let us know if […]

Why Fads Don’t Work

Paging through the weekend paper I was surprised by the endless lists of “top 10 things to do this year”, “top 5 diets to try” or the “top 20 latest fitness gadgets or trends” that will all easily, quickly and effortlessly transform your life and body.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it may […]

The Importance of a Teacher

What makes a good teacher?  My definition of a good teacher is someone who inspires by leading by example; someone who you can trust without being dependent on; and someone who instills the faith in you to move beyond your current limitations.  I was fortunate to encounter such a teacher during our yoga practice in […]

The Path of Least Resistance

Some of you may recall me saying that the body tends to follow the path of least resistance. Let’s explore this concept not only form a physical but also from a mental aspect: The path of least resistance is essentially the ‘same old, same old’:  Emphasising what works well and what you are good at […]

Yoga Serenity Day

Come and join us for a nourishing and calming Yoga Serenity Day: Sunday, Dec 14th, 1:30-3:30pm A Yoga Serenity Session is the antidote to our modern-day life, which can be sometimes busy, noisy and tense.  This Yoga Serenity Day is a delicious opportunity to learn the skills of slowing down and entering deep states of […]

Meditation and Pranayama Workshop

Calm your mind, ease tension and access deeper levels of consciousness Saturday, Nov 29, 3:30-5pm If you’ve never tried meditation because “you can’t stop thinking”, experience what it means to learn and share the beautiful energy of breathing and meditating together as a group. If meditation and pranayama is part of your regular yoga practice, […]

Evelyn’s Yoga Smoothie

Yoga Smoothie Ingredients: 1-2 bananas 1 apple 1 orange Small handful of pitted dates Small handful of raw almonds 1 heaped tsp chia seeds 1 heaped tsp spirulina, wheat grass or an alkalising Greens powder 1 small chunk or a few slices of fresh ginger A few slices of fresh turmeric Freshly-ground black or long […]