Why Fads Don’t Work

Paging through the weekend paper I was surprised by the endless lists of “top 10 things to do this year”, “top 5 diets to try” or the “top 20 latest fitness gadgets or trends” that will all easily, quickly and effortlessly transform your life and body.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it may […]

Yoga Practice: Force versus Intensity

Classical conditioning is deeply ingrained in our psyche and habits.  As such, we are often taught that ‘more is better’ and that there is ‘no gain without pain’.  In fact, I used to have this attitude when I first started on my yoga journey, having come from an athletic and intellectual background where you push […]

Injuries through Yoga?

Getting injured in yoga does occur from time to time, especially with yoga being sometimes taught in large, gym-like classes with little or no feedback from the teacher and an often competitive atmosphere.  While Hatha yoga is a form of physical activity, which by nature can involve risks, the reduction of yoga to just Asana […]

What is Vinyasa?

Have you considered stepping up your practice and taking a Vinyasa Yoga class?  But have been reluctant about it because you don’t know what’s involved?  Let’s try and get to the core of what ‘Vinyasa’ stands for and how it is incorporated in Yogita Yoga’s classes. Our interpretation of ‘Vinyasa’ is strongly linked to the […]

Yoga for Men?

According to an RMIT study of 4000 Australian yoga practitioners, around 90% of those who practice yoga are women.  This is particularly interesting since yoga was originally practiced in India exclusively by men.  Also, when you look at ‘famous’ yoga teachers, the majority of those are (still) men.  So what is it that holds many […]

Drinking During Class?

There is a tendency these days to clutch a water bottle whenever we are going to exert ourselves.  The reason to refrain (if possible) from drinking during yoga is that you are quenching the essential thing that you want to generate: heat!  When heat is produced internally through asana and the breath (rather than externally, […]

Why do we chant?

Chanting is more than just a lovely way to start and finish a yoga class.  The sound ‘OM’ is considered the universal sound, encompassing three elements: creation (A), preservation (U) and destruction (M); hence the sound A+U (O) and M.  OM is the most commonly used mantra or chant, derived from the ancient Sanskrit language.  […]

A Brief History of the Role of Postures in Yoga

In the western world, we usually equate ‘Asana’ (postures) with ‘Yoga’ and the primary aim of people that come a yoga class is either to become more flexible, stronger or lose weight.  However, for some there is also the aspect of ‘stress relief’, so there must be something more to yoga than just the physical […]