Meditation and Pranayama: Mantras and Malas

Girl Meditating with Malas smSAT November 26, 3:30-5pm: Meditation and Pranayama (breath control) are fundamental to any yoga practice, yet most of us struggle to sit still even for just a few minutes. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of breath control (pranayama) and we will focus on teaching a meditation practice that facilitates calming the monkey mind: With the help of Malas and Mantras we can form a ‘bridge’ that lets us cross from the untamed and racing mind to inner stillness. Discover how easy it is to meditate and to develop a habit that can change your life 🙂

Investment: $25 – refreshments and handout included. Book before Nov 19 and receive a 10% discount: Click here to book.
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