Can I Do Yoga If I’m Not Flexible?

There are no prerequisites or restrictions with regard to who can or cannot do yoga.  It is a common misconception that you have to ‘twist like a pretzel’ to do yoga.  In fact, yoga is suitable for everybody, regardless of age, gender or physical ability.  If truth be told, one of the big lessons in yoga is to leave your ego at the door and ‘come as you are’ – and you will find that once you accept your own physical constraints, the body and mind start to soften and your natural flexibility will return.  However, consistency is the key to everything and yoga is no exception:  One of the great Yoga gurus of our modern times, Pattabhi Jois, famously said “Practice, practice, all is coming.”  Thus, it is not so much an issue whether you are not flexible when you start yoga, but that you practice regularly to discover your inherent potential to be a lot more flexible than you thought.  Don’t forget, it’s all a fun and exciting journey 🙂

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