What is ‘Yoga’?

Yoga is an ancient art that comes from India; the name translates as creating union. This concept of creating union is expressed in the philosophical perspective that our lives are an energetic combination of body, mind and spirit.  The physical action of the yoga poses serve to challenge the practitioner to create balance, strength and flexibility in all aspects of their being.  These characteristics are then carried over into our day-to-day lives with the intent of being able to deal calmly with the challenges we face there.

This emphasis on starting-where-you-are makes it easy for beginners to start a yoga practice, regardless of their current physical shape.  By paying attention to where you are now and then striving to make that condition better, we become focused on creating positive changes that unite us with our highest aspirations.  This is the intention of yoga, to empower the individual by creating focus and a conscious path of connectivity between breath, physical body, emotions, and ultimately our mastery over our reactions to the pressures and conflicts of life in the material world.  Click here for the full article by William Doran on basic principals and benefits of yoga practice.

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