How to prepare for a Yoga class

yogaAt Yogita Yoga Adelaide studio, we supply mats, props and blankets free of charge, so you can simply “come as you are.”

Below are just a few tips to make your first yoga class at Yogita Yoga even more enjoyable:

Make sure you are well hydrated and refrain from eating a full meal at least 2-3 hours before class – the emptier your stomach, the more enjoyable your practice will be.

We recommend wearing something light and comfortable clothes such as shorts, singlets or sport bras, or lycra gym wear.

If you have any injuries or pre-existing medical issues, please ensure that you let the teacher know before the beginning of each class.

If possible, please arrive 10 minutes early for class (15 min. if you are a new student so that you can meet the teacher), with an open mind and ready to enjoy the nourishing benefits of the practice.

We do recognise that sometimes it is unavoidable being late for class. In this instance, please enter quietly and if necessary, wait for the instructions of your teacher where to place your mat or which postures to do prior to joining in the rest of the class.

We practice barefoot and we ask you to please leave your shoes on the shoe rack before entering the practice area of the Shala.

Please remember to turn off your mobile, or switch it to silent if you are expecting an urgent call.

We look forward seeing you in our Adelaide studio soon 🙂

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