Featured Asana’s

Featured Asana: Ustrasana

Ustrasana (Camel Pose) ustra = camel About the pose: Ustrasana is a kneeling backbend that also lengthens the hip-flexors.  The importance of this pose, like with all backbends, is to avoid limiting the bending to the lumbar region (the most easy to extend part of the spine) and instead simultaneously open the chest and shoulders […]

Featured Asana: Uttanasana

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) ut = intense; tan = stretch About the pose: As the Sanskrit name says, Uttanasana is an ‘intense’ stretch and as such, caution should be used by accentuating that the majority of the forward bend comes from the hips rather from the back.  The misconception that it is ‘good’ or ‘admirable’ […]

Featured Asana: Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) ardha = half; chandra = shining About the pose: This is a standing balance posture, which can be done with a block and against a wall to assist in holding the pose .  It opens the entire front body and because of the stretch crossing from one side to the […]

Featured Asana: Vrksasana

Vrksasana (Tree pose) vrksa = tree About the pose: This is a standing balance pose which requires good coordination, concentration and core strength.  But any balance is a good balance and as such, even by only lifting the foot to the height of the ankle or calf of the standing leg achieves a lot of […]