30-Day Spring Yoga Challenge at Yogita Yoga

for websiteAt Yogita Yoga, we are celebrating Spring with a great offer:

Starting 14/09/2013, take part in the yoga 30-day spring challenge and elevate your yoga to the next level!  For only $190 (total value >$300) you can take advantage of:

– unlimited scheduled classes

– 1 private class

– personal follow-up and individual asana plan

– 1 meditation workshop

– 1 philosophy and yoga movie night

– 1 free Yogita Yoga tank top

– PLUS: go in the draw to win a yoga starter kit!

For more info or to sign-up, contact us at info@yogitayoga.com or on 0421-498554 or check out the September newsletter


Why Yogita Yoga?

Yogita refers to one who is enchanted, focused and connected.  The practice of Yoga is associated with union.  As such, Yogita Yoga’s essence is to teach the joy of union via focused and enchanted actions, whilst being connected with our community, family, work, etc. – whether that be through yoga postures (asana), meditation or any conscious activity.

What is unique about Yogita Yoga?

Yogita Yoga takes into consideration the abilities, strength and aspirations of each individual.  We believe that those ‘who can breathe, can do yoga’ (Krishnamacharya) and that everyone can discover through yoga their own inherent potential and discover new possibilities.

What will I gain from a class?

Yoga does not need to be a rigid template but a guide that moulds and assimilates with and through the individual.  Whether your aim is to increase flexibility, improve strength, go deeper on the yogic path or to simply relax, Yogita Yoga will help guide you through postures and meditation in a way that is most beneficial to you.

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