Being a Beginner – Again and Again

As we progress in our lives, we are less and less inclined to be referred to as a ‘beginner’.  We completed an education or learned a trade and after years on the lower scale of the pecking order, we like to consider ourselves an expert in at least one field (let it be a home-maker, […]

Thoughts for the New Year: Sankalpa

Did you make one, or many, or maybe have decided to forgo this year’s routine exercise of setting new year’s resolutions? While it is a worthwhile concept, most ‘resolutions’ are abandoned in the first month. One reason for such a short spell may be simply because such resolutions are based on re-enforcements of some negative […]

Ujjayi Breathing in Yoga Practice

“When the breath wanders, the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed, the mind too will be still.” (Hatha Yoga Pradikipa) Why is there such an emphasis on the importance of breath and particularly on ‘moving with the breath’ in yoga practice? The breath is our life energy (prana) and the in- […]

Complementing Sports Training with Yoga

  Sports Training can be complemented with a regular Yoga practice to increase your performance in other sports, through better flexibility, enhanced concentration and motivation or improved core strength.  While yoga asana in itself is a complete form of physical practice, there are many ways how performance in other sports can benefit from a regular […]