Preventing Wrist Injuries in Yoga

Particularly if you are new to yoga, you may find some postures (Plank, Chaturanga or Downward Facing Dog) a bit challenging.  But even regular practioners may at times experience some discomfort in the wrists when doing certain postures.  The reason for wrist soreness lies in the mostly limited use of our wrists (particularly if you […]

Reflections and Transformations

Many of us have the tendency to look to the outside, for a ‘magic cure’, to seek solutions that are ideally easy, painless and quick to solve our problems .  And you may find something that will temporarily fix whatever you thought needed fixing.   But over time, you may discover that something deeper down is still […]

Teaching Yoga?

A student recently asked me what the most rewarding thing was about being a yoga teacher.  This gave me a chance to pause and reflect on what it actually means being a ‘yoga teacher’.  When I first decided to do a teacher training, teaching was the last thing on my mind (or so I told […]

Get in touch with your emotions?

We are often told to “get in touch with our emotions”.  Whether it is because others want to justify their emotional state or we should release some old childhood scars or unleash so-called ‘buried’ emotions.  Getting in touch with our emotions is often seen as a good, if not therapeutic or cathartic process.  Allow me […]

Stimulus, Pause, Response

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and our power to choose our response. In those choices lies our growth and our happiness.” Have you found yourself in a situation where some little auto-pilot in your brain took over, determining what you said, how you reacted and how […]

Are Yoga Asana All You Need (for Strength and Cardiovascular Health)?

When I started practicing yoga, I was convinced that, while there were some benefits to strength and flexibility, it was still important to retain my running and cycling regime to keep my cardiovascular health up to scratch.  So, I kept running and running and running and was starting to get a bit annoyed that my […]

Yoga as Therapy – A Personal Story

Yoga can enhance your physical and emotional well-being, but Yoga can also be practiced with therapeutic intentions as a way of healing both the body and the mind. Personally, yoga has helped me in various ‘crisis’ situations in my life, many of them related to injuries or pain and the related depressed moods. Breaking my […]

Mind over Matter

It is quite amazing how powerful our attitude and belief can influence the success or failure of a yoga posture (or anything in life, for that matter).  I hear a lot of times (particularly when it comes to arm balances, like headstand or crow posture) that he or she is “not strong” enough.  While this […]